– A Report for the National Library of Sweden

About a year ago I was asked if I had an interest to examine, survey and evaluate in what ways a library lab might – or could be – established at the National Library of Sweden. As a media studies professor at Umeå University, I have for a number of years worked and done research at the digital humanities center Humlab. I accepted the offer and from January 2018 I have been working (part time) during nine months with my report (and ways to prepare the ground for making my recommendations a reality). Funding for my work was made available by Riksbankens jubileumsfond and the National Library of Sweden. Lars Björk (at the National Library) has functioned as my co-worker. The report is entitled — it is a term Björk and I suggest for naming an eventual datalab at the Swedish KB, where the digital and Swedish connotation are obvious (including a necessary distinction and contrast to the Danish and Dutch KB Lab). The report can be downloaded here: