”Reading Berlin 1909”

During the first week of February 1909 the high class vaudeville theatre, Berliner Wintergarten, seems to have attracted more public attention than usual. According to press reports the highlight of the February program was not the dozen artistic numbers, but the latest moving pictures. What triggered the heightened, yet elusive interest was a short actuality film of a current event. In the regular ads for the Wintergarten in the major Berlin newspapers, the ”Biograph, neueste Aufnahmen” was accordingly printed in bold, black letters. In a longer review, the conservative newspaper Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger reported how towards the end of the Wintergarten show, the Biograph displayed successful moving images, ”wohlgelungene lebende Bilder”, from no less than the recent aviation attempts at the Tempelhof airfield.

Artikeln “Reading Berlin 1909. ‘Medienöffentlichkeit’, Daily Press and Mediated Events” ingår i Kinoöffentlichkeit 1895-1920 (2008)

Redaktör: Corinna Müller

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