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Pelle Snickars is professor of media and communication studies—a chair directed towards the digital humanities—at Umeå University, Sweden, where he is also affiliated with the digital humanities hub, Humlab. His research is situated at the intersection between media studies, media history and the digital humanities. Snickars is currently in charge of one major research projects: Welfare State Analytics. Text Mining and Modeling Swedish Politics, Media & Culture, 1945-1989 (Swedish Research Council) and PI of the the EU-funded research project, European History Reloaded: Curation and Appropriation of Digital Audiovisual Heritage (EU JPI Cultural Heritage). Snickars is also the co-ordinator of the national research program, DIGARV—Digitisation and accessibility of cultural heritage (Swedish Research Council).

Snickars completed his PhD in 2001 at the Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University. As a postdoc his research was mainly focused on early cinema and adjacent media cultures, working primarily with German media historical sources (with a DAAD scholarship) at various archives and libraries in Berlin. In 2005 he was appointed Head of Research at the Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (in Stockholm). A year later Snickars was elected to the Executive Council of FIAT/IFTA. In 2009 he was hired as Head of Research at the National Library of Sweden. Through his work in the heritage sector, Snickars gained extensive experience with major European research projects within the audiovisual heritage domain—being in charge of different work packages in television heritage projects as Video Active, EUscreen and EUscreenXL. As head of departments at cultural heritage institutions during a decade, Snickars has extensive administrative experiences, both regarding responsibilities for personnel as well as budget wise. He also has substantial experience of research management.

In 2014 Snickars received a professorship in media and communication studies at Umeå University—where he currently works. He has organised numerous international and national workshops and conferences. On a number of occasions he has been invited as keynote speaker, both nationally as internationally. Among his more noteworthy international publications are the co-written, Spotify Teardown. Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music (MIT Press 2019), and the co-edited volumes, The YouTube Reader (2009) and Moving Data. The iPhone and the Future of Media (2012), both distributed by Columbia University Press.

Snickars is also the founder of the (mainly Swedish) book series, Mediehistoriskt arkiv in which some 50 titles have appeared during the last 15 years. Snickars has published 22 books, the latest being a major study on the media history of cultural heritage, Kulturarvets mediehistoria: Dokumentation och representation 1750–1950. At present, Snickars has some 1200 citations on Google Scholar. During the vinter 2016/17 Snickars was a visiting professor at the Nordeuropa institut, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, and during autumn 2015 he was also visiting professor at Södertörn university in Stockholm. During the last decade Snickars has secured and received a substantial amount of external research funding, equaling the approximate amount of five million euro.

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