Nytt nummer av tidskriften VIEW

Jag sitter i redaktionsrådet för tidskriften VIEW. Journal of European Television History and Culture som nyligen presenterade ett nytt nummer. Enligt numrets gästredaktörer handlar det bland annat om televisionens baksida, det vill säga det som sker bakom kameran i studion:

We know little about the ‘behind the scenes’ of television. While the booming field of production studies has been shining a light on the work processes and the personnel in production spaces, there is still a lot to be learnt about the ‘hidden’ professions of television. This issue of VIEW provides a rich but fairly eclectic series of contributions based on the theme. The articles presented here bring under scrutiny the ‘behind the scenes’ activities of television and their hidden, often unrecognised and uncelebrated personnel and processes. They engage across a wide range of organisational, administrative and technical activities that have played their understated, often ‘invisible’ part in the historical formation and development of television.

VIEW är en OA-tidskrift, öppen att läsa för alla – här finns nya numret The Hidden Professions of Television