Is Google enough?

Next week at Lund university I will participate in a symposium at the Department of Philosohy entitled, “Is Google enough?”. Apparently the symposium seeks to address “questions surrounding Google’s position in today´s culture of search: Why does Google dominate the search landscape? Does Google shape how we see the world? Which relevant aspects and alternatives are part of today’s search engine landscape?” The purpose is to engage in a critical discussion on Google and existing – and imagined alternatives – which I guess the panel I will participate in will try (at least) to discuss. The symposium is organized by the interesting project, Knowledge in a Digital World – Trust, Credibility & Relevance on the Web, located at Lund university and funded by the by the Swedish Research Council between 2013-2016. Since my own project on Streaming Heritage is also funded the Swedish Research Council, I am interested in hearing about project experiences as well as the possibility and potentials of future collaborations.