Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities

Together with Andreas Fickers and Mark J. Williams I have been co-editor of a special issue for the journal View on Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities. The issue provides a critical survey of new digital humanities (DH) methods and tools directed toward audiovisual (AV) media. The ten articles presented in the issue gives a snapshot of current research on audiovisual data within a broad (and expanding) domain of loosely defined DH-scholarship. This ‘state of the art’ glimpse provides a variety of epistemological, historiographical and technological issues that current research tries to tackle and come to grips with—particularly so regarding the increasingly expanding smorgasbord of digital methods applicable to audiovisual data. In addition, the articles also indicate and demonstrate some future directions and possibilities that upcoming DH-research might take by steering away from the traditional textual orientation of DH towards the exploration of other forms of media modalities. The Editorial for the issue gives a short introduction to all articles.