”Media Archaeology – Ruptures & Relations” workshop at Karlstad university

Today I am giving a talk at Karlstads university: “Swedish Media Theory?” at the workshop Media Archaeology – Ruptures & Relations. My talk will try to give a general overview of the ways in which the concept of media archaeology has been used and picked up within media historical works in Sweden, with a particular emphasis on the book series Mediehistoriskt arkiv. I am looking forward to a productive discussion, not the least since on the workshop flyer it is stated: “What is media archaeology (good for)? In recent years, the term has become something of a catch-phrase, being employed all the way from an expanded cinema history to techno-materialist hardware studies. We have invited international experts to debate the use and value of an approach that wants to investigate the epistemological basis of our current media situation. The aim of the workshop is to explore how the concept has transformed during the transfer between different countries and disciplines (film, media, literature, art, cultural studies) – and how it at the same time can be used to connect varying research contexts.” Flyer can be downloaded here: Flyer_A5_media-archaeology.